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Meeting & Online game with Jarek Kolar

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Hi guys,

I am in touch with Jarek Kolar, the one that made Vietcong, and asked him few weeks ago if he was interested to do an online game with the fan community which still play, and he agreed.

He post on Twitter yesterday that he is thinking about make an AAA Vietcong, which could be amazing on this old game !

I am in touch with some modders through discord and other social's platform that helped this game to still be playable today.

By respect of the work and time that people gave to the game, I also asked him if he would like to exchange with them, he also agreed.

He have a free time to do this from Saturday 22pm to Sunday 5am (Europe Time), so if some of you guys are interested, you could answer this message to let me know, and we can organize that. 

The objective of this exchange, is to give your owns feedbacks, or what you did to make that game still playable today.

Also if you have questions, he will answer, this will be an open threat.

All in the respect and courtesy of course.

We should use a private discord channel for this exchange, so contact me if you are interested ! 

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MartinR se líbí
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Im interested my friend

Napsal : 09/02/2021 9:47 am
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Hello  guys,

I am in touch with Jarek Kolar and Vincent Lawniczak.

We are preparing public gaming event on our server where you will be able to play with Jarek, everything will be announced in the news article.

Be patient please.

basskeR - admin.

Napsal : 09/02/2021 2:25 pm
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@bassker I am Vincent Lawniczak 🙂 I let you do the post on the news, you can close this topic if it needs 🙂

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